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Test-Drives: Skechers GO GOLF Elite V.4

Footwear on the golf course has come a long way over the years. When I took up the game nearly 50 years ago, golf shoes were essentially big, bulky, heavy monsters that (similar to my snow ski boots of that era) were so uncomfortable that I often couldn’t wait to get back into the locker room after the round and swap back into my comfy runners/street shoes.

Over the last decade or so, however, golf shoe manufacturers have blurred the lines between Golf and Lifestyle, and transformed their products into light, airy, ultra-comfortable shoes that, for all intents and purposes, aren’t too dissimilar to the shoes we wear in our everyday lives.

This is no truer than with the new GO GOLF Elite V.4, the latest offering from Skechers, one of the world’s best-known, and best-loved shoe manufacturers.

I had the pleasure of taking these new “kicks” for a test-drive during a few rounds last month, and I can honestly say that I loved every step I took in them.

The first thing I noticed about the GO GOLF Elite V.4 (apart from their smart styling) was how extremely light they were. In truth, they were among the lightest golf shoes I’ve ever tested, weighing just 10.25 oz. per shoe. And talk about comfort…these babies truly feel like you’re walking on a cloud.  This is likely due to their “Responsive ULTRA FLIGHT cushioning” and “High-performance Goga Mat cushioned insole”. Regardless of what all that tech-talk means, I can assure you that I was in heaven.

I should note that two of rounds I played were during wet and rainy conditions, with one particular round where we experienced a near-torrential-downpour. And while they weren’t ideal conditions for a good round of golf, they were ideal to put Skechers’ “H2GO Shield waterproof protection” claim to the test.  I’m proud to report that they aced this test admirably; while my socks above the ankle were extremely damp (especially as I walked through a lot of long grass looking for wayward balls), the parts of my socks/feet that were in the shoes were all but bone dry. Nice.

The shoes were also amazing when it came to grip—even on damp grass. Skechers’ “Grip Flex stabilized durable spikeless outsole design” provided a solid foundation during my swing, and offered excellent traction. This is extremely important when playing in the wet, as it allows the golfer to focus on the swing itself, and not worry if their feet will slip out from under them.

But back to the comfort factor: when playing a round with new shoes, I often only play nine holes to start, then swap to my other/current golf shoes – this helps prevent blisters or sore spots. But I found with these Skechers that this swap-over wasn’t necessary. My feel felt so fresh after the front-9 that I simply continued on. And I’m glad I did, as not only did my feel (and legs) stay fresh throughout the round, but so too did my overall energy. This is another benchmark that I believe is critical when evaluating a golf shoe. Many golfers often overlook the importance of footwear and overall foot comfort when it comes to playing golf. But trust me, once you play a round or two in a pair of ultra-comfortable, ultra-high-performance shoes like the GO GOLF Elite V.4, you’ll realise how much better your energy levels (and golf game) can be.

On an interesting side note: Following my first round, as I placed my bag and buggy into the car, I genuinely forgot I was wearing golf shoes, and I proceeded to drive home with the Skechers still on my feet. They are that comfortable.

Yep – shoes have come a long way. And Skechers have led the charge.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for ultimate comfort, smart styling and super traction in virtually any terrain or conditions, the Skechers GO GOLF ELITE V.4 could be the shoe for you.

SPECS: The GO GOLF Elite V.4 feature a waterproof one-year warranty.  Construction: Waterproof Leather upper with embossed side panels, Stitching and perforation accents. Padded collar and tongue and Translucent colour Grip Flex spikeless TPU traction outsole.

Available at all leading retailers.

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