An uplifting (golf) story on dealing with grief

Here at FORE!, we always appreciate the uplifting, fun and inspirational stories out there. The ones that elicit “happy tears” and a smile or two.

So when we heard the latest Woke Blokes podcast that interviewed Matthew Pitt of Social Golf Australia, we were immediately on-board. Matthew–who has been a thought-leader and innovator in the Australian Golf industry since 2004–had his life turned upside-down recently when he lost his wife, Sally, to breast cancer. Dealing with the grief of that loss, combined with the prospect of rebuilding his life with three young children, as well as running his “large” small business (Australia’s largest social golf club, with thousands of customers nation-wide), was no easy feat for Pitt. But a positive, never-give-up attitude is helping him drive forward.

It’s an inspirational and “happy tears” interview, (with plenty of golf in there as well!) so we HIGHLY recommend that you give it a listen.

Hear the Woke Blokes Podcast here (or find it on Spotify, Stitcher or iTunes)

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